Saturday, August 13, 2011

CW: The Prawn Theory

I have a knack for cooking but lately I wasn't able to cook for my kids because I got lazy. Anyway, whenever my cousins and I create a food experiment (aka dish-we-only-invented), we call the dish a theory. And when our "theory" becomes a hit with our relatives, we give it a name.

For dinner, I thought of cooking prawns. I would like the same dish that my friend's mom used to cook for us when we were in college but I don't have the recipe so I cooked using my intuitive instincts, which means create a theory. As our help prepared to slice the ginger and garlic, she told me that I will be cooking using charcoal and since I am planning to cook using my teflon pan, I got bonkers for a while. However, the trick is control the fire so that the pan will not be damaged and the food won't taste like smoke. Come join me and my Prawn Theory.

Preparing the pan
The prawn victims
Saute ginger and garlic

Dive in the prawns

Pour in the concoction you like (I just put sprite in mine) then add salt and pepper to taste

The finished product: My Prawn Theory
The kids loved it! But Caillou's more shocked to learn that I cooked our dinner so I think that's the reason why he ate a lot. Have a happy weekend!


  1. Certainly yummy! I miss this dish! (New follower here)

  2. Sarap!!! Natatakam naman ako!!
    Visiting from a colorful weekend! Hope you could visit my entry!
    Flower Arrangement from Dangwa

  3. yummy! :)
    i like the 'the prawn victims'. lols!

  4. sarap naman! i miss prawns. actually, i miss seafoods. ang mahal dito eh.
    visiting you back for CW! :)

  5. hmmm..yummy!
    Visiting from Colorful Weekend Sis. Have a nice day..
    MY Colorful Weekend
    You might want to join my
    Orange Tuesdays meme

  6. I love the theory approach. I'm not much of a cook, although I get by with some recipes. But maybe it's also because I tend to take a backseat in the cooking department to my husband. He rules the kitchen hehe. However, I am overruling him this weekend by prepping this dish. He loves prawns, I love prawns, I cook... can't go wrong huh? :D Yay, this is a great Colorful Weekend share, thanks Mars!!

  7. I've chosen you for my mid-week wrap up! :D Go check it out Mars!

  8. galing galing naman,idol tlga kita lucy...



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